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The single biggest hassle among landlords and tenants is….. you guessed it, security deposit issues! 

Find all the answers and solutions to everyday security deposit laws, collection, charges and refunds here.

  • Go To Any of the 50 States’ Laws Regulating Landlord-Tenant Security Deposits
  • Access Our Information Center for Timely Articles, Review Security Deposit Forms, and Letters
  • See the “Big Picture” about Setting, Collecting, Enforcing, Charging and Refunding Security Deposits in One Informative Process Chart
  • Purchase Individual Security Deposit Forms, Letters and Checklists at our Online, Safe and Secure e-Store
  • Check Out our FAQ Section for Quick Answers or Resolutions To Every Day Problems
  • View Books and Security Deposit Tips and Techniques
  • Learn What, "Normal Wear and Tear" Really Means, and How To Make Proper Charges Against the Tenant Deposit
  • How To Avoid Hassles that Can Arise from the Security Deposit Process and,
  • Access to all 50 States’ Small Claims Courts Online

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Knowledge and Information Center – we do the Internet research for you! Here you find a great collection of articles that focus on issues surrounding security deposits. Great advice for everyone.

Security Deposit Law Chart - 50 States - This is the most comprehensive summary security deposit law guide available on the Internet for all 50 states and the District of Columbia (3 parts).  It has been meticulously double checked and includes links to each state’s statute and an authoritative publication, not a blog or newspaper column filler.  Resources include: 

  • Live link to the security deposit statute of each state (paid members only)
  • Each state’s deadline for refund or accounting of deposits at the end of tenancy
Security Deposit Forms – an excellent resource; contains most if not all of the forms and letters you might need to help you collect, manage and make proper charges against security deposits. Normal Wear and Tear – what is it, why does it cause so much consternation and find out how to make it work to your advantage as a landlord or manager. See our list of specific tenant caused damages that described normal wear and tear and chargeable items against the tenant's deposit.
Process Chart for Collecting, Managing and Refunding Security Deposit – Get a birds eye view of the security deposit process. Inspections and Photographs – the key to avoiding disputes and arguments. Read expert drafted articles on the subject of conducting inspections and taking photographs. e-Store - a collection of time and money saving articles on rent collection and other rental and property management subjects Security Deposit Kit for Landlords – here it is, the most comprehensive guide and forms for all landlords anywhere in the U.S. Learn from landlords that have processed thousands of deposits.
Do-it-yourself? – after your tenant vacates, are you one of many thousands of landlords who do some, much or all of work to refurbish your rental for the next tenant? Here you can find lots of do-it-yourself resources, including invoice forms to use for charging tenant deposits for the work you complete. Alternative Security Deposit Companies – As a landlord you require that the tenant to pay a security deposit, right? This company provide an insurance policy instead.
Books - an excellent collection of books on the subject of rent collection, and rental and property management. Knowledge is power. Got a Security Deposit Question? - Submit your question to one of our experts in the Discussion Forum!
Security Deposit Tips and Techniques - learn from professional landlord and managers the best ways to manage security deposit issues. Learn how to handle difficult tenants and unusual situations. Small Claims Court Directory - if you have to take your current or former tenant to court... here is where you will find links to your state's small claims court system.

Save time, avoid hassles, buy your own Security Deposit Kit For Landlords