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"Check 21 Resource Guide (Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About the New Regulation for Processing Checks)"

“Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.”  See how, in the opinion of one judge, this Federal law may impact your rent collection efforts if you employ third parties to collect your delinquencies and serve your eviction notices for you. 

How to Evaluate the Prospective Tenant’s Credit Thoroughly

“How To Get Your Renter To Think Like A ‘Home Buyer’”  The best way to make sure your collections are steady and on time is to make your tenants want to pay steadily and on time.  This article discusses a good way to do that. 

“Lisa's Laws Of Landlording.”  A good general short article with some specific tips on rent and collecting it.  

“Rent Collections Via The Internet? They're Not Far Away.”  There are ways you can collect rent using the Internet.  A nice resource if you and your tenants are hooked up to it.

“Rent Late? Don't Jump to Conclusions.”  This article will help you decide how to handle the late pay.  Sometimes there is a good reason to retain such a tenant.  Find out how to know the difference between a one time glitch and a potential long term problem. 

“Roommates and Rent: How To Protect Yourself.”  Roommates can pose rent collection challenges if you do not act early to protect yourself.

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