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Maintenance, Improvements and Repairs

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Analysis of Sharon P. v. Arman, Ltd., An.  This is a seminal California judicial decision on the landlordís liability for damages to his tenant for the unlawful acts of third persons on the premises.

Asphalt Maintenance

Condition, Maintenance and Repairs.  Obligations to maintain the premises.

Eating Us Out of House & Home!  Termites And Other Wood-Destroying Insects 

High Speed Internet Connections For Your Apartment Community or Rental Properties

Home and Apartment Fire Safety  

Landlord Obligations in Winter; Cain, Bob.

Latest Lock Law Lengthens Landlord Liability.  Complying with the ultimate in micro-management, Californiaís new lock law.

Lead Based Paint and the Landlord

Mildew Control... Landlord and Tenant Responsibilities

My Tenant Is Withholding Rent Because I Can't Afford To Fix the Roof, Now What?  Compliance with the implied warranty of habitability, and what can happen if you do not comply.

Playground Safety

Rats (And Mice) The Landlordís Nightmare; Caruba, Alan

Submetering: Going With The Flow, Bradley, Tim.

Watch Your Contractors!; Cain, Bob.  A parable about hiring the wrong contractor and 20 practical types on how to avoid the mistake.

Weatherizing Your Rental  

What Property Managers Should Expect From Carpet and Vinyl Installers - Excerpt from the book Landlord Floors by Alan J. Fletcher

You and Your Cockroach.  Manís best friend, or, at least, the cockroach thinks so.  Heís been around longer than we have and has been with us as long as we have been here.  How to control him.

You and Your Pests.  Ugh!  Still, you must deal with them.  This article includes an extensive and interesting treatment of how the armed forces make war on pests of all kinds.

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