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Leases and Tenancies

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Where to Advertise Your Rentals - Article from Web Surf News June 27, 2011

California Prop. 65 Asbestos Materials Disclosure Requirements

Don't Let The Tenant Clean You Out Of The Cleaning

How to Decide Whether Your Rental Agreement Should Include an Attorney Fee Clause.  The attorney fee clause does not always work in the landlord’s favor.

Landlord’s Right of Entry in California, The  

Lease Options; Cain, Bob.  How lease options can be used to “buy” or “sell” a property without actually buying or selling it.

Leases with Options

Mastering Your Rental and Lease Agreements.  How to understand what all that fine print in the form means, and why you need to know.

Many a Slip Twixt Cup and Lip.  This article discusses what happens when a lease is executed but the tenant cannot move in, either through the fault of the landlord or the tenant.

Minimizing Rent Losses In Evictions  

Rent Increase Etiquette  

Security Deposit, The:  Using It, Accounting For It, and Defending It In Small Claims Court, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.  What is the security deposit for?  How do I account for it?  What if I have to defend myself against refund demands and in Small Claims Court?  These questions are answered here.

Six Keys to a Successful Security Deposit Policy

Ten Fair Housing Safety Features.  Some tips on avoiding the scrutiny of the housing thought police.

Utility Splitting:  A Classic Pitfall

Welcoming Pets.  An introduction to and criticism of the most comprehensive web site we have been able to find on the subject, sponsored by the ASPCA.  Link included.

What To Do When The Tenant Leaves Early.  What happens when your tenant walks out on a fixed term lease.

Who Are Those Guys?  Part 1, Part 2.  Understanding the legal position of the occupants of your property, and why this understanding is important to you.

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