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21st Century Landlord as a Cop, The.  Will the landlord be forced to police his properties?

Analysis of Sharon P. v. Arman, Ltd., An.  This is a seminal California judicial decision on the landlord’s liability for damages to his tenant for the unlawful acts of third persons on the premises.

Coming Bankruptcy Act Reform, The.
 A summary of the changes of greatest interest and concern to landlords.

Condition, Maintenance and Repairs.  Obligations to maintain the premises.

California: If You Negotiate A Lease Primarily In Spanish Translation Of Lease Is Required

Don't Let The Tenant Clean You Out Of The Cleaning Deposit

Eviction Notice as a Foundation of a Successful Eviction.  Written from the viewpoint of California law, this article contains much of value to landlords in all states.

Golden Gateway Case.  An important judicial decision on the right of the landlord to exclude tenant organizations from security buildings in California.

Landlord’s Right of Entry in California, The  

Lease Options; Cain, Bob.  How lease options can be used to “buy” or “sell” a property without actually buying or selling it.

My Tenant Is Withholding Rent Because I Can't Afford To Fix the Roof, Now What?  Compliance with the implied warranty of habitability, and what can happen if you do not comply.

Security Deposit, The:  Using It, Accounting For It, and Defending It In Small Claims Court, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.  What is the security deposit for?  How do I account for it?  What if I have to defend myself against refund demands and in Small Claims Court?  These questions are answered here.

21st Century Landlord as a Cop, The.  Will the landlord be forced to police his properties?

Uses For and the Benefits of the Ellis Act (CALIFORNIA ONLY).  The Ellis Act is an artifact of Rent Control in San Francisco and Berkeley, CA.  California landlords will find it a must read.  Others will want to read it to see what to fight against.

Who Are Those Guys?  Part 1, Part 2.  Understanding the legal position of the occupants of your property, and why this understanding is important to you.

Why Rent Control Is Immoral;   Berliner, Michael S.

Your Newly Discovered Occupant:  Mysterious Stranger.  What happens when you find a complete stranger in the rental unit.  Based on California law, this article can still be a good starting point for landlords in other states who need to deal with this problem.


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