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Six Reasons to Rent (From Web Surf News July 11, 2011)

Rental Control Laws Chart - By State

Avoiding the CPI Monster.  While it is customary to tie periodic rent increases in commercial leases to the CPI, this may not be in the landlord’s best interest.  Explore alternatives to the CPI rent increase cliché.

Knowing the Difference Between Assigned Lease, Sublease.    This article is a good one for lessors of residential and commercial property alike.  It contains a succinct explanation of the practical difference between a sublease and a lease assignment. 

Rent Collections Via the Internet?   Purely electronic rent collection and record keeping is not only on the way, it is largely here.  See what is coming in this article. 

Roommates and Rent:  How to Protect Yourself.  Here is an outline of the ins and outs of rent sharing between roommates.  If you are a landlord who permits this, give a copy of this article to your next tenant who asks permission to move someone in to share the rent. 

Russia – US Landlord Tenant Dispute  This articles deals with a rent dispute between the US and Russia over the US embassy in Moscow four years ago.


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