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The Trouble With Condos - From Web Surf News December 5, 2011

Renting By "Choice" - From Web Surf News October 25-October 31, 2011

What Cities to "buy vs rent" - From Web Surf News October 11-18, 2011

Atty Gen investigates 40 states' From Web Surf News October 11-18, 2011

The Rise of the Renting Class - From Web Surf news October, 2011

Freddie & Fannie's Impact on Rental Housing Market - From Web Surf News
September 21-28, 2011

New Home Construction Surge - From Web Surf News September 21, 28, 2011

Help for "underwater" borrowers - From Web Surf News September 14-20, 2011

Hiring an agent vs do it yourself - From Web Surf News September 14-20, 2011

The biggest residential LLs - From Web Surf News Sept. 7 - 13, 2011

Subsidized Tenants Benefit - From Web Surf News Sept. 7 - 13, 2011

Credit Finally Available-No Takers From Web Surf News August 29-Sept 6, 2011

The Latest Real Estate Rip-Off? From Web Surf News August 29-Sept 6, 2011

A Case Against Home Ownership  From Web Surf News August 29-Sept. 6, 2011

RE Brokers Turning into Property Managers (Web Surf News Aug 22-29, 2011)

Realty Times' Market Conditions (Web Surf News August 9-16 2011)

Are Buyers Responding To Record Low Mortgage Rates? (Web Surf News August 2011)

Differences in Home Value Trends (From Web Surf News July 19-25, 2011)

"Mini Apartments" - Latest Craze - From Web Surf News July 18, 2011

Six Reasons to Rent (From Web Surf News July 11, 2011)

Top 10 Real Estate Websites - Week of June 21, 2011

Renting a House With Bad Credit - (Video From Our Web Surf News 6/14-20)

Banks move to short sales, but will it help housing?  (From Web Surf News 6/14-20)

In cities and suburbs alike, walkable neighborhoods linked by train are the future. Here’s how a new network of privately funded rail lines can make that future come to pass more quickly and cheaply—and help reinvigorate housing and the economy. (From posts to our followers on Twitter)

Real estate's 2011 Biggest Price Gains - Money Magazine (From posts to our followers on Twitter)

Interesting Study Sheds Light on Foreclosures in States and Metropolitan Areas (From posts to our followers on Twitter)

Want to see a survey of real estate agents across the US think where housing prices will go up and down? (From posts to our followers on Twitter)

Great News For Property Managers...Carpe Diem! (April, 2011) These challenging times present many bargains, discounts and some exceptional opportunities for property managers...

Housing Shortage in 2011? (Feb. 2011)  "We need one and a half million houses per year just to keep up with population growth," Wesbury said in an interview with Steve Forbes. "And then if you throw in, you know, fires and tear-downs and just worn-out properties, we need 1.6 million or more per year...

Apartment Vacancies Hit 30 Year High - That's Good News? (Feb, 2011) Just as the number of apartment vacancies reached multi-decade highs, the number of homebuyers who are about to need apartments to rent will skyrocket...

The New Rules of Real Estate (Video)

Forecasts For Nation's 100 Largest Metro Areas - 2009

If You Can't Sell It, Why Not Rent Your Home?

Tenants Facing Foreclosure In Rental Property

What to Do When Your Landlord Goes Bust

Real Estate Markets Most Likely to Rebound (Oct, 2008)

Find Fortune in Commercial Real Estate

Foreclosure:  Someone's Tragedy, Your Golden Opportunity

Resources for Landlords About The Changing Housing Market

Condo Trends:  Slow Housing Market Good For Rentals (2008 Market)

America's Most Lucrative Neighborhoods (Jan, 2008)  Good News for Landlords who own rentals in these cities

Best & Worst Cities for Renters (Jan, 2008) Rental homes in these 20 spots are the country's most and lease expensive to lease.

Landlords Market Resumes in Rental Sector - Late 2007

Best Places to Rent...Which U.S. cities have the most satisfied renters and most affordable digs? (June, 2007)

Commercially driven offers multi-family property listings across the U.S.

Is Trump In Trouble? - December, 2008

California Creating Permanent Renters' Class. This article shows exactly how government no-growth policies can distort a market. And no, the shortage of housing in general is not good news for landlords who already own buildings. Think about the impact inflated housing will and is having on the economy in general, which is where tenants get the money to pay their landlords in the first place.

More Americans Staying Put, Census Finds - For decades high mobility has been taken for granted. Now it seems that, as the baby boomers age, a smaller proportion of persons are moving than have done in the last 50 years. See the details in this article.

Rental Concessions Landlords May Consider. The author discusses several types of concessions you may consider if you are caught in a slow market. It is very useful, despite being written from a tenant's point of view.

War on Real Estate Commissions. If you are thinking of selling one of your holdings, you may find that the historical 6% commission evenly split by the buyer's and seller's broker is no longer the norm in your area. This first of two parts explores some of the economic forces that have led to this.

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