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$85K fine - Lead Paint Disclosure (From Web Surf News August, 2011)

Be Aware of Potential Lead, Asbestos Hazards When Remodeling. If you have an older rental unit and are thinking of a remodel, you should consider potential environmental hazards and select a contractor accordingly.

Blacktop And Beyond. This article, really a collection of pages, outlines driveway repair and replacement options.

Can Pesticide Foggers Be Dangerous?  Of course they can.  If you use them, follow the directions that come with the article. 

EPA’s Asbestos Home Page.  This is not an article, but it contains links to almost all the information you will ever need about asbestos in your rental unit or home.   

How To Fight Dryrot in Homes, Condos and Co-ops.  Here is an excellent discussion of what dryrot is, how it spreads, and how to recognize it when it strikes.  Dryrot, “wood cancer,” is destructive and quite expensive if not eliminated early.  Protect your investment and learn how to prevent and spot it. 

Is Your Landlord Responsible For Your Safety?  This article discusses to some degree the extent of liability a landlord may have for criminal acts committed against a tenant on the rental property, but then makes some really valuable suggestions on practical steps a landlord can take to limit his exposure and to some degree protect his tenants. 

Lead Listing, The.  In order to promote compliance with its new lead paint removal rules, HUD has this new page that includes listings of competent lead removal specialists and information on free courses in lead removal for maintenance workers. 

Making Apartments More Secure.  This article describes things you can do to make your rental units more secure and why it is in your interest, legally and financially, to do it. 

No Sold If There’s Mold.  See how the latest bio-hazard panic could affect your next deal – it also applies to your rentals. 



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