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Copyright Warning, Disclaimer and Permissions Information


All rights under copyright law are reserved.  To our friends who like to save time by copying our material and posting it to their sites as their own, be advised that we have included several traps in each of our offerings designed to make them identifiable even if the exact wording of our material is changed.  If we find any of these on our site, you will hear from our legal counsel.  We leave it to you to figure out what these traps may be and how to fix them.  On the other hand, if you wish to use our material honestly and with permission, see instructions below on contacting our permissions desk.


This site provides its visitors with commentary and information concerning legal issues and the rules and laws in various jurisdictions.  We do not pretend to provide legal advice.  Legal advice is the core of the science and skills of the practice of law, which comprises the study of the elements of law, e.g., statutes, constitutions, ordinances, precedents; the art of identifying the issues presented by specific factual settings; the formulation of advice as to specific courses of action based on the application of this learning to the facts of the case; and assistance in carrying out those courses of action.

The information we provide is designed to assist our visitors in reading and studying the laws pertaining to their business so they may form their own opinions about what impact these laws may have upon them.  Such study is the right of every person and of great value in the day to day operation of a highly regulated business such as landlording, but it is not legal advice.  Where we provide links, they should be followed.  Links are included to provide further information we believe to be crucial to understanding.  We strongly advise our visitors, when confronted with legal issues, to seek legal advice from those qualified to give it, lawyers, who have the knowledge and experience to formulate it, and who are morally and monetarily responsible for failure to live up to professional standards.


All rights under copyright are reserved.  For permission to use all or any portion of the materials on this site contact our Permissions Desk.  Provide all identifying information and the extent and purpose of your proposed use.  You will receive a response within two business days.